Pieter Laurens Mol

Pieter Laurens Mol, born in 1946 in Breda, is a Dutch conceptual artist, sculptor, drawer and photographer.

Originally trained as a cabinetmaker, he is essentially self-taught as an artist, although as a teenager he took a course in photography at the Sint Joost art academy, in his home town of Breda, Netherlands. Initially, his oeuvre developed from a focused interest in the conceptual possibilities of photography, with particular attention aimed to the lyrical and narrative features, characteristic to the medium. In his work, Pieter Laurens Mol focuses on the awareness of connecting patterns that result from an extensive interplay between perception, interpretation and meaning. In an almost methodical manner, he attempts to sculpt an image in the viewer’s head where different states of mind become synthesized through poetically grounded mediation. His work is sometimes described as a frantic attempt to raise general human traits to the extreme and visualize them as “boundaries of existence”. Yet for him, it is primarily about making a certain vulnerability visible and ponderable, as a characteristic of the human condition.